I have a problem in learning

I am Mahmoud, I am from Syria, and I am 20
And I love learning Java, but I have a problem, I speak Arabic and Turkish
And there are no good Arabic websites that don’t know Java
I want to learn on the site codecademy
I would like any advice to learn Java well

Thanks :blush:

Hello @mahmoudalfardouni, welcome to the forums! As far as I know, CC doesn’t offer lessons in Arabic or Turkish. Udemy does seem to, and while I don’t think it is as good as CC, it might help: https://www.udemy.com/course/java-4-android/. One thing you could do is to do modules on Udemy, then come back to CC to try out what you’ve learnt in CC’s learning environment, and see if that help you glean more information.

As with most programming languages, just take it at the pace you need to. If you are finding something easy when there seems to be many people finding it hard, don’t think that you must be missing concepts; some concepts just click with certain people easier than others. The opposite is also true; if you’re really struggling with something man people seem to be finding easy, don’t give up; just keep going, and revisit lessons if you need.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks and I will continue

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