I have a hugeee problem

Hi there , i started programming for about 2 month now ,last week i decided to buy a new computer not a very fancy one just a normal one but my problem is i don’t have brackets in my keyboard i have tied every combination please help me :frowning:
PC Model:Toshiba satellite c855
Operating system: windows 10 ; 64 bits version


All the bracket keys are where we would normally expect them on a normal keyboard.

parens  =>  shift 9, shift 0
square  =>  2 keys to right of `P`
curly   =>  shift [, shift ]

that s not the same keyboard i have four buttons in below not 3 … i do have those logos but all i get is ./:; when pressing them :v i have an azerty keyboard and comparing pictures online the brackets should be next to the left shift and i don’t have one …

That was the only picture I could find in a my short search. Can you take a straight on picture of the keyboard and upload so we can look at it?


here it is

The left square bracket and left curly brace are to the right of the P. The closing bracket and closing curly brace are to the right of the 0, left of the Backspace key. The parens are where they might be expected to be.

Please look on the bottom of your laptop for the complete model number. It will be C855 followed by a dash S and 4 numbers. We need the exact numbers.

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there isnt any numbers in the bottom of the laptop…

just is there another way i can replace keys i don t use to the brackets ? i tried sharpkeys but it isn’t compatile for windows 10 …

There is no manufacturer’s sticker on the bottom (the underside)? That’s odd.

Found this…

How to Identify the Model of a Toshiba Laptop

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all i found wwas toshiba c855

You will either have to read the user manual that came with the computer, or go back to the store and ask at the help desk. The characters are clearly there, but how they are accessed will depend on the country of origin.

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