I have a hard time with step 4 of the command line>manipulation

it’s telling me to type cp frida.txt lincoln.txt and I did and it’s not working

What happened instead? Avoid using the word “work” to describe something because all that says is that it didn’t meet your expectations which isn’t describing what happened at all.

If you successfully copied the file then you should be able to run this command:

diff -s frida.txt lincoln.txt

And it should tell you that the files are identical. If it says anything else then you got it wrong, and that output would even explain in what way you got it wrong - if they are different it would say exactly how they differ and if either file is missing, it would say that.

well i’m new to this stuff and I have no Idea what to do on this step…I’m sure it’s simple but i haven’t been able to figure it out

Thank you for attempting to help me I actually figured it out but thanks again for actually trying to help me