I have a background in the Humanities - Did I do OK on the US Medical Insurance Costs Portfolio?

Hi Everyone! My name is Maria and I just started my journey with Codecademy’s Data Analyst track on March 1st! My academic background is in United States history and this is all very new for me.

Here is my code for the U.S. Medical nsurance Costs Portfolio: sharing-github/U.S. Medical Insurance Portfolio Final .ipynb at main · NewCareerShoes/sharing-github · GitHub

I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer :slight_smile:
Thanks so much!

Seems like you understand how to use the csv library and how to write functions to weed through the data & extract insights.

  • One thing, you would probably want to hide really lengthy output of cells–like the super long age output cell— by adding a semicolon at the end of the code.
    load_data(ages, 'insurance.csv', 'age');

(there are also more elaborate ways to hide both input and output of code cells, found here.)

And, having a background that isn’t computer science or tech-related isn’t a negative thing. I think it’s a positive thing. Sometimes “outsiders” have a more multifaceted perspective. Learning to think computationally is a skill that anyone can learn. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your words of encouragement and the tip about hiding lengthy code! I was wondering about that.

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