I hate programming in some languages

the only two programming languages i like are Swift (what) and monty python or whatever. Other languages have “class” stuff. if someone could explain the basis of this, that’d be cool

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It’s totally fine to specialize in one language rather than an other, if you have strong preferences. Classes or some type of inheritance comes up in most languages, though, so I don’t think you can avoid those concepts altogether. Both of our Python courses (Learn Python and learn Python 3) have units on Classes – maybe you could take one of those and follow up with more specific questions?

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Both Swift and Python have Classes.

Classes allow you to make a structure consisting of properties (nouns) and functions (verbs) then…(here’s the magic) you can share those properties and functions with other classes. This is called inheritance. Like when your rich grandma passes away and she leaves you her house, her million dollar speed boat, and an antique whistle from the Civil war (worth lots on eBay). Oh, remember she also used to speak German to you all the time as a little kid and you eventually learned how to understand it and respond.

You didn’t have to work a day in your life to “inherit” that property and you even got the functional part of learning to speak German (okay maybe languages aren’t really inherited…but man, have you ever taken 11th grade Spanish and then 6 years later you still speak at an 11th grade level…so it helps to “inherit” it as a kid. cause if you don’t speak to her she’s gonna kiss you on the cheek and you don’t like that!).


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