I had to use this forum A LOT for this section of Python, is this troubling?


I have aspirations of working in CS one day, ideally as a full stack developer. For this section of python, I had to use this forum A LOT and at times, it got the point where I was literally copying the code of other users because I had no idea what I was doing.

Is the fact that I struggled so much with this section of Python very troublesome going forward?


Matters what you learn, not how you learn it.
Where you start also doesn't say much about how far you get.
Just make sure that you learn how you would have solved each thing.
Practice problem solving with online judges.
Get friendly with a search engine.
Don't guess when you can find out.


I wouldn't worry too much, I found this to be quite hard too and had to rely on the forum for help.
I think the hints and instructions are maybe not as clear in this module as they have been in others, in fact some of them seem to be missing parts.

It also seems that in some sections they add in extra bits of code for you which confused me a bit at first and I had to go back and double check.

Just stick with it, as long as you are taking time to understand WHY others have coded it the way they have you should be ok.


Don't worry about it. Everyone learns differently, and this type of example where you're building a game is quite tricky as well because there is some design involved and long segments of code.

And besides, at work you'll be able to have a Python textbook in front of you, or notes you've taken from this course, or just visit useful web forums when you need to.

A lot of people recommend books such as "Learn Python the Hard Way" and another one called "Python Cookbook". I haven't actually read either of these, but I own the "R Cookbook" so I know the Cookbook programming series are good books.


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