I got the correct code but it won't let me pass

Question: I got the correct code but it doesn’t pass?
Solution: For this lesson it is important to take into account everything you have learned and combine it all.

  1. Make sure the strings are exact. 'Codey is halfway' is different from 'codey is halfway.'
  2. Each item in a list must be separated by a ,
  3. The selected item must be saved as the variable: selection

These are a few hints that should help with troubleshooting your code. Troubleshooting and problem solving are crucial parts of coding and slowly identifying what has gone wrong is key. When in doubt, try something, examine the error message, then try something else using the error message to guide you.

If you think you have run into an error on the website please report it at help.codecademy.com. If something seems stuck, refreshing the webpage can often solve things or resetting the code using the button beside run.


When I was doing the final page for lists: putting it together I noticed that I had to type the code completely in order for it to function properly. At first I typed the commands and then realized I needed to add the commas. I added the commas without retyping it and it didn’t work. I had to erase the whole thing and type it from scratch for it to work. Why is that?


I’m lost already ! Shame there isn’t a button to show correct answers.


Although i have never been in favor of such a button, it does exist. After a number of faulty submits, a get solution button appears

however, i think you learn more if you come to the forum to get help, then studying the solution


So, I’ve gotten the right answer but… it won’t let me click the next button for some reason? I’m a bit confused as to why because I did what it wanted me to do and got the intended result so i should be able to progress right?


I personally love the solution button. Everybody learns differently. To use a forum you need to know the right questions to ask.
Also, the solution button on this page does not work (I know because I have messed up the answer at least 10 times).
Also, the answer is not in this forum page. So I cannot see where I am going wrong unfortunately. If only the solution button worked… ;p


one of the key aspect of programming is problem solving, you need to be able to solve problems. Working backwards from the solutions doesn’t work as effective as being helped and getting to the solution yourself

Being able to ask the right question is one of the most underrated skills someone can have but so valuable. Practicing asking questions is actually a very good thing to do.


I am having the same issue as kmkeat2 any solution yet?

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I’m not sure if I coded this assignment correctly. More feedback within Codecademy lesson, to display if my code is incorrect, would have been helpful. Nothing shows up for me in output, but a blank box (on the output screen). But regrettably, it could be my device. I’m forced to use :iphone: , due to my :computer: :computer: being down. Hope to rectify that soon. :pensive: Moving on to the quiz.

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Bonjour, j’ai également eu des difficultés pour réaliser l’exercice alors que je mettais bien les guillemets et les virgules. Par contre je n’avais pas mis les majuscules. Une fois retapé avec celles ci tout a bien fonctionné !

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I didn’t realize there is a solution button, until I saw someone chatting about it. So I did see that my answer is correct. I did great on the quiz too. All is well :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree. That would be more rewarding as I would catch on more quickly and maybe less painfully slow. Ah well…

@arcpro67957, see my earlier answer:

As such, i am struggling to understand your reply. Sure, the solution button isn’t present at the start of the lesson, doesn’t mean this button doesn’t exist

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If we are making a List then the examples should change from Fruits to Comic Strips. Changing the content is only confusing matters for beginners. I am finding this time consuming as I slog along but can t see what error I am making. Navigate back and forth to model the correct syntax in order to reach the objective yet cannot get the intended result. Not convinced that enough thought as gone into this particular section.


ok found SOLUTION button. Great!

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I do not see the solution button, where is it?

nevermind, i found it.

My code was identical to the solution, but my code doesn’t work for some reason.

Running my code, it tells me internal error. Where may I have gone wrong?

impossible to say without seeing the code

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