I got stuck here ... how to navigate up two directories.. pls help



Have you had a look at the instruction highlighted in red?
Oh. That's what you wrote.
Have you copied it exactly? Did it move you to that directory?
What if you do it without the trailing slash?
Maybe you had trailing spaces in your command?


i typed exactly how the instrucions show : cd ../ ../action/ and still got error


I think you made some super minor "typo", might have satisfied bash but the checkpoint only looks at what you entered.

Try copying from the instruction and make sure there are no extra characters.
Trailing slash should work, but you can try without it as well


Your screenshot makes it look like you entered:

cd ../ ../action/

Which has an additional space in it and only moves you one directory up (since the first argument is ..


you right the space was the problem , thx a lot .