I Got 99 Problems, But a Switch Ain’t One (More of a comment rather than question)



Now I would like to make a comment rather than a question. I find the wording of this exercise confusing. From the instruction I thought it was asking me to find some 'answer' like true or false when in reality "answer" is a variable. May be a hint that says something like "'answer' is a variable that has already been assigned for you.", that would be helpful. Remember that we haven't been talking about "def ()" up until this point and I didn't know that def() makes "answer" as a variable. I almost gave up and put the course on hold for 3 weeks because of this question. Hopefully this instruction can be improved. Thank you very much.


Some of the instructions can be confusing sometimes. This course will actually be replaced soon if you weren't aware. See here.



personally I see how it could be confusing, but also please note that in this exercise "answer" is in the code block (a gray background thing). This way you can differentiate between the word answer and the code variable answer, since the gray background code block is used only for the names of variables, lists and so on :slight_smile:


Will the changes include shift from Python 2.x to 3.x?


I'm not sure. I honestly hope so, but I have just as much information as in the post. I was just passing along the info.


I did not know that! Glad that it's getting an update.


thank you for answering :slight_smile:


I agree, this question was incredibly confusing because of the variable answer not being defined in the code above.


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