I get very confuse with some of the projects and lessons here

I’m on the path of Front-End Engineer. I’m almost done getting my certificate, but the problem is that I attend to get very confuse on some the lessons and project instructions. I feel like I’m either just going through the daunting tasks without fully understanding the concepts or looking through the solutions without fully understanding what each steps of the instructions are trying to tell me. I even skipped some of the projects (when I mean “skipped” I mean checked mark each steps because either I’m not understanding the instructions or because I’m not getting the results I need) because they just weren’t cleared enough and I feel guilty and insecure. At the same time though it’s wasting my time and money because some of the lessons and the instructions for the projects are poorly written.

What are your thoughts on this and does anyone feel this way?

I would reccommend you to go bit by bit and don’t just rely on Codecademy exercises. They are meant to help us, but it would be quite difficult for someone to just become a professional developer with only the info they provide.

What I do is, do the exercises on CodeCademy, try to do something similar but coding from scratch in a text-editor(I use VSCode) , and if I am not feeling so confident about a topic I either check the forum or check some tutorials on the internet.

It is normal to not feel a pro, just keep working and it will get easier, and remember that the developer community has a beautiful network that is always eager to help.