I gave up on the lodash, it seems to be unsolvable (incl very bad explanations)

Quite honestly, I feel very frustrated right now with the quality of the explanations within the courses itself.

The lodash project in JavaScript II is the best example.

The “get unstuck” video is 18 months old, full of errors and not corrected / re-linked to a better video in any way.

Already in task #5 the provided solution does not work. The test files return an error, although I have followed the video closely.

Also seeing that codecademy handles most (if not all) of their customer support through user interactions in the forums, I really begin to doubt how good the programs really are. The explanations start to lack more and more real world examples (why would I use “clamp” for example, I dug into the forum to find a real world example), which was much better in earlier parts of the course.

Also I feel completely left alone in some of the exercises and especially in the provided solutions (the previous .sort method & solution compared to the MDN article were a perfect example. Completely different explanations).

I am pretty unsatisfied as a customer with the way, the advanced projects are set up, I really hope this gets better. So far I gave up on the lodash example, because neither was there any prior explanation that would help with this exercise nor is the video and help - as said above - of any help at all.


I HATED lodash and almost gave up on it. It IS solvable, however I’m not sure it was worth the time since often times it’ll fail even when the correct values are returned.

The tests don’t really give any explanation of why something failed: “not properly defined” errors are usually the result of using a different variable name somewhere or otherwise trying to solve it on your own in some way varies from their implementation even when the returned results would have been correct if it hadn’t terminated without even bothering to test them.

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I’m just working through this and have literally no idea what is going on. Was feeling pumped after doing the Syntax II challenges. Now…lost!! Very poor explanation here Codecademy. Gonna push through but totally frustrating for a beginner.