I found a Funny Thing ! Must see


Please Explain That!!
How It Happen???


Hi @abhijitmandal ,

While you are working on an exercise, the Codecademy system remembers variables that you created during that session, even after you remove the statements that created those variables. It can create confusion. You must have done something previously that created a variable named parrot1, and assigned it the value 'Norwegian "Blue'.


i have no backlash on keyboard but i need it to escape characters in second unit how can i input backlash??????


It is "backslash" character and if you use QWERTY keyboard then that character must be above Shift key on the right. For other keyboard layouts, please use Google search. Thank you! :slightly_smiling:


thanks a lot i appreciate it man


Put “parrot” inside the () of the upper()
Eg : upper( parrot)