I finished the React course! :D

After finally finding some time to get back to coding, I decided to keep going with the React course, and today I finally finished it :partying_face: :smirk_cat:

Some stuff I wanna share…

I left this course when it was 78% done a few months ago, mainly because I got very busy with school but also I started thinking I would actually never use my React knowledge in real life. I really discouraged myself lol, so I didn’t even try to find time to continue the course. I thought I had wasted my time in something I would never use again.
Then on April, my Dad tells me he needs my help building an app. An real app that real people will use. And it’s gonna be built using a React-based framework.
I was extremely excited, I felt like all the time I invested in the course hadn’t gone to the trash. Specially because I took really good notes (thank you, me!), which allowed me to remember all the things I had already learned in the course, before getting back at it.

It just feels so incredibly cool to know that you’ll be using everything you’ve learned in a course, specially after thinking you had thrown away your time… :pleading_face: :star_struck:
And in a real project? That’s even more exciting and scary :skull:


Yay!! :partying_face: