I finished the coding and it says I passed but it will not let me continue my lesson


I finish the coding and it said I passed but when I go to continue my lesson it takes me to the over view of the lesson and says I have 21% done and then when I click on the lesson it takes me back to the begining


Hi bossman1024,

Starting rrom where it takes you back to, carefully click on EVERY Get It and Save & Submit button.


I did that and it says you have completed this course . then it says go to course over view


Congratulations, you've finished this course! View Course Overview ... this is what it says word for word


On this page:


Do you have your check mark in the HTML unit?


no it says i have 21% done and it says continue and i click continue and it takes me back to the begining


What happens if you click on the link to Unit 2?


when i clicked the link u sent me it took me to a screen where it said

Make a Website

a recent version of Airbnb's home page and learn the fundamentals of web development in the process.

then it had a big button saying continue (21%) and when i click on that it take me back to the beginning of the lesson


On that page, when you scroll down, do you see the buttons/links to each of the separate Units?


yea i see unit 2 now thank you


You're welcome. Hopefully it straightens out as you continue.