I FINISHED PYTHON! Is there a future with Python?

Are there any other sources or places I can look forward to in order to continue my mastery of Python? Did codecademy cover everything, or is there more that I need to know before I start diving deep into making and learning how to make advanced programs, like, for example, chess engines?

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It seems like you misunderstood my question. You sent links that answer the question “what is python used for”, when my questions were:

Is anything unclear?

It is becoming clearer what you want to do…

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Many people recommend learn python the hard way, now, i started in this book, it is great. Yes, you will start from scratch again but it is good :slight_smile: the way the book challenges you

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Is that to say that Codecademy doesn’t cover everything?

No source covers everything. Take a look at the python packages, if all those should be covered :open_mouth:

There is always more to learn, in python there is also more. There is simple too much. Python is a big language, with many features

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Whats a package?

Also, you have to look from the perspective of my goals. If I want to create really advanced programs like a chess engine, or a video game of some sorts, how far do I have to go? I know the answer is probably it depends, as it usually is, but can you at least say if I am ready to go into making a chess engine based off of my current knowledge from codecademy, or is there more I have to learn from, like these packages (please point me in a direction)?

A program someone wrote in python you can use. If you look in the python documentation, you will see things you haven’t learned it

Okay, in that case i would say: You can do it. But i wouldn’t write everything from scratch. Does the engine include a graphical interface with chessboard to show the user? For certain things, use library’s (to draw you the window for example)

Also, for games use pygames. You can do this, but it will obviously take time

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Something else you could consider is using the Battleships lessons as a template for making other simple text-based games - tic-tac-toe, hangman, boggle, etc. They’d all be fun practise for your understanding of game logic.


I read that google has python lessons for it’s developers that are free for the public to use.



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Yes. There is a great future for you.
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