I finished my python course today



Is there any voluntary project to work on. for python.

Anyone need some help, I'm ready to help in my spare type.

Please get in touch with me and I will do my best to help I can grow my knowledge in python more and more while working on some cool project around.


Do you know if the codebit editor lets you create code in python?


Well No. @albeelou, I searching google about it.
I just did a search on it and find that I need to go to my profile and scroll down to codebit editor, unfortunately I didn't found any codebit there.

Any help?
Do i need to be a register as codecademy pro for that ?

Thanks for your help.



If you want something to wet your whistle on then try this, when you do it make sure to properly document your code and such as you go along.

If you can get to 15-20 of these then you have a fair grasp on the basics of python and a moderate understanding of some of the more advanced features.


Thanks alot I'm starting right now.

I let you know as soon I get there.


Best Regards.