I finished my first real Angular project! :D

AHH I’M LITERALLY SO EXCITED HAHA!! :partying_face: :sweat_smile:
Alright…hi everyone! :sweat_smile:
I’ve never shared any project publicly before, so I’m kinda nervous haha…
But basically, I’m currently reading an Angular book, and I had to follow along building a project, and today I finally finished it. It was extremely exciting to see it running, you can see it here: https://local-weather-app-pink-five.vercel.app/ (not the prettiest url but hey! at least I got something).

Let me explain.
Local Weather App is an app to check the current weather of any city you want to (pretty self-explanatory name right?). You can search by city name or postal code.
To get the current weather, it makes requests to the Open Weather API. If you choose to search by postal code, the app needs to make requests to the GeoNames API, to get the necessary data to get the weather from that postal code.
Not the most complicated app ever, and yeah, it’s a textbook project, but I honestly enjoyed making it so much and I learned TONS of things.
I practiced using Git and GitHub (yup I had no experience at all with those two, can you believe it?), I learned what branches are and why they’re useful.

I also got to write unit tests for my code. Not gonna lie, I still haven’t fully understood how Jasmine tests work and I had to copy-paste some code from the book from time to time…not very proud of that :pensive:

Another really exciting thing I did was implementing CI with CircleCI. Now every time I make a commit to my repository, my code goes through a whole pipeline of tests to ensure that I’m pushing only high-quality test to my codebase. (was that explanation correct? did I miss anything? ahh I’m so nervous XD).
I was so excited when I got my first successful build! XD

OH! And finally, of course, I deployed my app to Vercel Now. That part was unexpectedly quick and simple, I really liked it haha.

Uff…last but not least, I made my GitHub repository public…you know, in case someone wants to take a quick look at my code :sweat_smile:
It’s kinda messy here and there, but overall I feel confident with it. I think. XD
Here’s the link to my repository: https://github.com/TheCodeKat/local-weather-app

Like I said, this is my first time sharing a project I made and all the code I wrote for it so I’m really nervous :sweat_smile:
But feedback is welcome anyways hehe…

Let me know what you think! :blush:


Love it! You’ve done so well :grinning:. The color scheme is simple and clean, and the app works! The only concern I have is that I live in a city that has the same name as another city in another state in the US, so when I’d check the weather on Google, I’d have to type in the city and the state to get the proper forecast.

Since your app is global, I would need to write: Wheeling, IL, US so that I don’t get the forecast for Wheeling, VA, US. On your app, I don’t have the option to be specific, so I am seeing one forecast and I am not sure if it relates to my city or not.

Again, pretty cool project :+1:t4: !

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ahh thank you so much for your feedback, it means so much! :smile_cat:

Oh, that’s a nice point I hadn’t considered. I will try to see what I can do about that :sweat_smile:

thank you so much :blush:

Sure, no problem! All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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