I finished Javascript [recommend a book or video tutorial about JS]

I finished javascript course, jQuery and interactive website.
Is anyone here that could recommend a book or video tutorial about JS? I want to focus on web development but unfortunately I don t have a programming base since I don t have IT studies…I tried to read " Eloquent Javascript" but that books is very difficult, the examples are ridiculous complicated for a beginner, I tried “You don t know JS up and going”; this book was a little better with more clear explanations even though at some points at the “Scope and Closure” book(part of you don t know JS up and going series) becomes a little complicated and make me have many unanswered questions. I would like to know if anyone can tell me about a book or video tutorial that explains clear and also would be ideal if it teaches me the concepts I learn to apply them in real life situation. Since I don t have any programming background and I m not used with this kind of language is hard for me to figure how to apply these stuff in real life situations in web development.

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I would say check out this article and maybe browse through this section you might find some links and suggestions :slight_smile:

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