I feel there is a massive jump in difficulty from lesson 6-8


I am finding this exercise really difficult. Any advice on how to approach it or to explain a bit more? Here is a link to my code:

I am wondering if it's best to finish the exercise (as I could easily pass) or fully understand it before moving on to the next one. Any advice/tips appreciated with good links/resources to understand this a bit more! :smile: thanks


If you find this exercise difficult then it is probably better if you take the time to fully understand it. In the end the task is just elemetary school math and again seeing functions in action. Do you understand how for example quarter works and what modulo does?


You're making poor @haxor789 guess what you want to know more about. Be specific! What do you want to know more about or what would you like to have cleared up?

The number one resource is always google


OK so to my understanding modulo finds the remainder of a number when divided by two numbers? And quarter I have no idea.


Documentation on JS operators, one of which is %:

The quarter function is described by the exercise