I feel like I'm progressing through the course, but not getting better

I’m hoping to get some advice on how I should be learning and what I can do to practice. Although I understand the basic concepts, I rarely get the chance to test them out, and then I am just getting through the course. My concern is that I’ll come out the other side of this career path and just know facts and lack the ability to apply what I have learned.

Please send your thoughts and advice.
-Ruben V.


I totally get what you are saying. I blasted through the first 40% of my career track. Partly because I had some prior experience with the early content and partly because I wasn’t taking the time to do my own projects. I have since slowed way down and when I finish a section, I try to implement that material into a personal project that I am interested in. This helps me to solidify my understanding and it makes it a little more fun imho. Hope that helps a little!