I feel I will forget everything I've learned

I am currently going through the Learn Java course. Although I keep up with the projects, I feel I will forget everything I’ve learned, if I haven’t already. Everything is so new to me. Can I work on more projects, any suggestions?

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Save your projects to a USB drive and right down notes. That helps out a lot


Do lots of your own projects to get everything to stick in your mind. Even simple projects like a game of paper scissors rock, a simple calculator or hangman.


All developers work on a “need to nerd” basis.

Since all programming languages of a type are so similar, once you learn one, you can easily learn another. So, learning Java makes it easy to switch to C#, for example.

If you are learning Java to get a job, and I assume that is the case, then find projects which you think are related to the field you want to enter.

May I recommend doing one of these projects a week. Once you are finished, or hired, you will have a firm grasp of real-world Java.


I find using websites like hackerrank or codewars really help me remember things I’ve learnt. They offer small, often very obscure challenges which force one to go outside of the practical knowledge CC gives you. As well as this, if you find questions here on the forums that you feel you can answer, do, as helping others often helps you.


I made the paper scissors rock game! Thank you for your advice.