I feel as if the second half of the Python course is just failing me


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Why does everything have to be so ridiculous to try and understand? Like even just trying to post a new thread here on the forums is confusing! The beginning half of the python section I felt like I was actually learning at a steady pace. Now it just makes me feel like a complete idiot and does not motivate me to want to figure it out. I find myself having to google for the exact answer to the problem more often than not whereas at first at least I could figure it out on my own. This is supposed to be a place for beginners. And I already know that my post is in the wrong place but after becoming so overly frustrated with the lessons, and having the only advice given be to come here and reference the Q&A only to realize that its just as confusing to try and navigate the forums just leads me to almost want to quit the entire thing.


I would agree that this forum is not particularly well organized and the "Practice Makes Perfect" section has made me so frustrated I want to cry. I felt like I had a grasp on things and then in this section I have had to look up every answer and then reverse engineer it to understand WTF is happening.

I am just gonna keep pushing forward, but...■■■■, it's disheartening, to say the least. You are not alone in that.


This should be a passion where you want to know this, you want to lookup what you don't know, you want to make a program, you want to learn this, passionately. Cheerleading is not my passion which means I will dread doing any of it, practicing, looking up what I don't know, therefore it's not something I should waste time in.

If you're having trouble like this then it means you're not retaining enough. The first half is step by step telling you what to do and requires almost zero thought, not something to be proud of but to only get you started in thinking how you need to think as a programmer. You shouldn't be looking up the answers, you should be looking up how to achieve the one thing you're trying to do to get the answer yourself. This program holds your hand through the first half but the second half, you're unleashed to the world except a very basic and easy world which is not what you will get in reality, reality is even harder. If you want to be a programmer, this is what you will face every day, you will have to look up, read documentation, and learn every single day.

The quizzes they have in the second part are silly easy, if you're not getting them then go back and do the first half of python again except this time, practice what you've learned before moving on. Doing what they tell you to do step by step is not learning. Also, if you're having trouble navigating the forums, posting, discussing, anything like that... You may want to consider learning something else only because using forums should be second nature, you should be able to do this with your eyes closed.

The problem isn't this site or its programs, the problem is the individual. No one should take offense to that, denial is no place for programmers, a person should be taking this as "you know what? This man is right, I need to practice and make sure I can explain what the string functions do that I was shown as essential, the integer and is prime functions and how they work, what parameters are necessary for length() and replace() and remove() and split() and what those functions do to strings..." Basically, you should be able to recite everything you've learned from the first half of this course and saying "I can" on here will do nothing for yourself. You have to be honest with yourself and recite them yourself, knowing which ones you need to go back and learn, spending day after day doing that until you know them by heart if needed, just gotta be honest with yourself.

The only way this can be made any easier is if they gave us the certificates just by clicking a button, that's it. As of now it's practically given away, you will not leave here a programmer unless you fully exercise the knowledge being shared with you. This should not be taken offensive in any way, I'm not here to blow smoke up anyone's bottom so this is the cold hard reality.


I completely disagree with you. You obviously dont understand learning or teaching. The problem with this site is that there are too few gradual steps that you can practice to attain mastery of the topic. Khan does this fairly well, and it is interesting that no one has copied that concept. Too many people are going to give up, not because they dont have an aptitude for coding, but because they get frustrated with getting things wrong because of unmatched syntax or lack of bridging techniques. The reality is that there is room for improvement. I know because I have taught, mainly people who have given up on things they were fully able to learn and succeed at, but were discouraged by others.


This isn't my first rodeo by any means. I am not just learning how to use a computer, I actually mod an entire forum where I provide "how-to" articles with YouTube videos to match them on topics that I consider to be above average for even people who use computers daily. I'm quite adept at all other aspects that I have needed to learn how to do when it comes to anything android, apple, windows, and many different flavors of linux.

@csssurfer36718 the answer you have responded with just shows your biased attitude born from some "degree" you must have hanging on your wall and I would honestly opt out of your class in a heartbeat because of the negative impact you have brought on this conversation. If you're REALLY such a scholar then maybe go read a book on how to interact with people that are obviously having problems understanding something, as opposed to getting all super defensive about this Khan guy like we just made a bash at him.

@danj210 I can appreciate your response wholeheartedly. Again, I would just like to reiterate that I am by no means new when it comes to any of this. I actually invite you all to come check out the aforementioned site GhostlyHaks if you're ever interested. I just am a little late in the game when it comes to learning any programming language so this all comes as a huge new leap in understanding for me, and I have read a lot of the "old" forums that show that I'm not the only one having this frustration. I absolutely love and enjoy learning; this site alone has taught me many things and I look forward to completing every other course it has to offer! I'll admit that I was having a bad day yesterday and really should have just kept that to myself, but at the same time there is still an insane learning curve once you hit this particular section and not really much by means of assistance at hand. I guess what I'm trying to say is while I absolutely appreciate the best $20 I think I could have ever spent, if I wanted to search Google for help I could have done that to begin with.


LOL. The last thing anyone who understands teaching would tell someone who is struggling is that they "don't understand learning."

I straight up said that I was struggling, but that I looked things up, reverse engineered them to understand them (going through step by step to understand how each part worked in the code), and that I wasn't giving up.

And you decided the response to that was to insult my intelligence and understanding of both teaching and learning. Get outta here with your misplaced superiority complex.


You are confused. I was responding to danj210. If you read my comment, you will see I agree with the OP.


And without going into it, understanding how people learn is of slight importance in teaching. Its not a insult and it isnt directed at the learner, rather the teacher. Hope that clear it up :wink:


You misunderstand my comment, and clearly didnt read the part where I agree with your assessment of the course. As clarified below, I was referring to the teacher, not the student, when talking about not understanding how people learn. I guess I could have been clearer about it. You obviously dont know khan, as in http://khanacademy.org/, but he does many things right in terms of understanding how people learn.


Well I guess that does make me sound brash and I apologize that I misinterpreted your response. I had initially saw that it looked as if you responded directly to @designace07816. I've never heard of Khan Academy, thanks for the tip I'll definitely check that out!


You quoted my post, so you can see how I might have interpreted it as a reply to me.


Yeah, I apologize for that. It appears that I hit the wrong reply spot. I
was frustrated with some of the responses people get on this forum.


Wow, the combative tone here is just too much. Why is the practice section is so convoluted? This is not a 'made up' issue and Codecademy.com is far from perfect (it's great, but must keep improving).

A website dedicated to teaching beginners how to code should have a more concise and clear glossary so that we actually can use it to get through these exercises.

No, they shouldn't hold our hands. Yes, the step-by-step directions had to end. However, looking up simple things like how to use int() or range() should be as fluid as possible. It should feel like a readily accessible toolbox, not a hazy memory of past exercises (anyone who disagrees clearly hasn't tried to use the glossary in its current state).

@danj210 This is is not laziness or a lack of passion. It's simply a refusal to give into the myth that learning to code NEEDS to be an unrelenting, treacherous pursuit until you "get it". This is why imposter syndrome is such a big problem in our industry. Maybe you will help the OP get through one more exercise, but the confidence hit could be permanent.


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