I downloaded python on chrome extension and cant get it to run like codecadmy python

can you please help me

what do you mean by chrome extension?

You will have to set up your own developer environment on your local machine. This consist of two parts:

  1. Downloading and installing python
  2. Installing a text-editor to write the code

then you can use the command line to run your scripts, or with a text-editor like atom you could probably also integrate running python from the text-editor.

or you could consider an IDE like pycharm

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thank you but there is a crome webstore and there is a python extension. can you give me a link to a texteditor?:sunglasses:

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Its important to see how codecademy works, codecademy just offers a web interface but the code is actually run on the codecademy servers.

so what you need to do, is setup your own local developing environment on your own machine. So forget about running your code in the browser.

which text-editor? There are so many, VScode, atom, sublime text to name a few). You can find them using google

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ok well then scratch that. what is the best way to run python/java/html on a cromebook because oviously im stuipid

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all of these languages can be written in a text-editor, but require different things to run.

to run python code you need the python interpreter, which you can download here: https://www.python.org/
to run Java code, you will need to install the java compiler
html and css code you can actually run in the browser, you write the html (& css) in a text-editor, and run the files in the browser. This even works offline (when you have no internet access) because the files are read from the hard drive

oh, and java and javascript are not the same thing, java is to javascript what ham is to hamster (or car to carnival), these two languages serve very different purposes and work very different

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thank you. i knew that all ready. ok so how can i run java/html on the browser and also what site can i use to help me be able to write games? i apreciate your time and help.

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java or javascript?

Games? What kind of games? Games is a massively broad term here. Please work with me here, and be a bit more specific and careful (java vs javascript) in your choice of words, thank you :slight_smile:

you don’t run Java code in the browser

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ok so python and java cant run on a browser, but html and javascript can. i want to make a rpg game and im trying to find websites to give me a totorial. also i clicked the link for the python and its running but what the ■■■■ do i do now download text editors for it.

html, css & JavaScript are the languages used in the browser

a 3d one? Take a look at something like 3d unity or unreal engine 4 (or are they at 5 already?). But i think that is a bit too much complexity for you at the moment

define running? you went through the installation procedure?

Text-editor are only for writing the scripts, you need the command line to tell the python interpreter to run those scripts you write in the text-editor. If you want this easier, go for pycharm (which is a full blown IDE (integrated developers environment)), that should simplify things.

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ok then i pressed the download button and now it is just code if that makes sense.
i don’t want to make a 3d game i want to make a retro indie type of game. so think of Stardew vally.

the download contains an executable file which you need to run, to install python

how is that retro? That game was released in 2016


so how do you use the exexutible file?
also it s not like fornite. its where you can see the induichible pixels

the execute file will run the installation program.

go watch a youtube video if you need someone to hold your hand and walk you through every step

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ok thanks

did that for 20 charecters

actually how do you get the execute file

and how d you get to a yotube vid what would it be called

if you have windows
10 then watch this video
8 then watch this video
but I just linked these videos just to be sure because it doesn’t matter what windows you have (7/8/10) but be sure to download it from the original python website because others(I don’t say that they will be) may have virus.

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