I don't understand why this is wrong (Mean and mode calculation)

This question is for the code challenge where you are asked to calculate the mean and the mode of a list of given integers. https://www.codecademy.com/code-challenges/code-challenge-calculate-the-mean-and-mode-python

I don’t understand why none of the test cases are passing even though I get the right output from the sample list.

The sort in the beginning is because the question asks you to return the mode with the least value, and sorting it before finding the mode eliminates any extra steps for finding the lower of the modes. At least, in theory.

def stats_finder(array):
  # Write your code here
  total = 0
  count = 0
  for num in array:
    total += num
    count += 1
  mean = total / count
  mode_count = 0
  mode = 0
  for num in array:
    if array.count(num) > mode_count and num != mode:
      mode_count = array.count(num)
      mode = num

  return mean, mode

print(stats_finder([500, 400, 400, 375, 300, 350, 325, 300]))

Is that meant to be a list, or a tuple?


Thank you, that solved it!

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