I don't understand what Im learning

Ive started by looking through the forums, and Im sure there is a post explaining this perfectly, but I haven’t found it. Ive been trying to learn Java because I keep being told it is the best place to start. Im going through the lessons and figuring out how to run the code and everything work and do what it is asking me to make it do fairly easy. BUT I do not understand what I am doing. I dont understand why Im doing the things that I am, so it is difficult to retain the information. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Are you sure it is Java you want to start with? It is not the easiest place to start, but JavaScript is a sensible place to start. The two languages are not related in any way other than they are both derivatives of C.

JavaScript (also known as ECMAScript) is the defacto script language of the web, and the basis of jQuery, AngularJS, React.js, and many other modern libraries and frameworks. In its core form (Vanilla JS) it is fairly simple to learn, quite forgiving and provides a good foundation in basic programming for the web.

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The end goal is to know C++. You may be right though. I may be starting from the wrong place.

Please take my givings with a pinch of salt, and by no means critical. I, for instance have only a scant recognition for code written in C or Java, and am biased, with a leaning to interpreted languages as opposed to compiled ones.

You could be a speedy and apt learner for whom C and C++ (which is OOP C) will make a nice fit straight away. Who am I to suggest any different? What’s cool about JS is it follows a syntax (code tokens and usage) that is very close to C, and since Java is a C family language, it too. It’s just more forgiving and less constrained since it is not a class based language. We have to write in the OOP in ES5 (pre-2009).

Bottom line, it is an excellent staging ground, and in the end you will have something you can use in a browser. C++ is more for standalone executables that if designed for the purpose could be plugged-in to other language cores. C is at the heart of a lot of languages such as Python or PHP (no, I’m not expressly promoting these, only using as examples–the list is long).

Knowing that there is a parallel, it won’t hurt to peek ahead, so to speak, as you learn JS. Familiarize yourself with C and C++ documentation and be able to find the parallels in syntax and built in functions. I’d wait until after learning the complete track on CC, though. That would be a suitable crossover point, while you review the track from start to finish and correlate it to C.

One approach, at any length. Keep the faith and trust in your own ability to reach beyond your grasp. Intuition falls in and leads the way. Happy coding!

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