I don't understand the purpose of head and title

The code doesn’t behave incorrectly, I just don’t understand why the word “Result” is in there if it doesn’t show up anywhere. Is all this code (head & title) just so you can use h1 - h6 headers in the body?


Titles within Head are what comes up at the very top of the browser, if your in tabs, its the tab title.
I know you can’t see it in the lesson, but you’ll want it externally :slight_smile:

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jsbin will show your title along with there title in the browser tab, you can try it :slight_smile: Also, if you would create your own html files, you would control the whole browser tab title with <title></title>

.. gives name of your website. it appears on the tab of the browser. you cant see here . just save code as .html file in your notepad and open it in your browser. title appears on the tab.