I don't understand the instructions?

I have been stuck of this and the previous 5 exercises for one week now and the more I read the explanations the more confused I get. I have resulted to asking for the solutions and committing the answers to memory. Super confused!

What is it you find confusing?

the entire section on inputs. The information provided in order to do the exercises is not as clear as the previous sections. I am basically guessing at each exercise. I have been going down the rabbit hole of of finding the information needed to understand this topic on other websites and almost signed up for another course just to get clear reading material on how to better understand this section. short answer: I feel that the input section of the material is not easy to understand because of the way it has been written.
sorry for the grammar; Im on a train and need get of off in a few stops .

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The information in this area is not provided with clear understanding and am disappointed you could pointed out from the beginning with my_age not with calculate_age, i hope codecademy resolves this issues because it’s very confusing, and i can’t spend the rest of my life on a line of code i already understand i had to use the solution to get an answer i hope this doesn’t happen any more or am cancelling my subscriptions.

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exactly the same thing i faced.

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I agree the instructions are not well written out. The concept itself is easy to understand, hope they fix this.

I gave up on this program months ago. Lost in the code of non expansion. Waste of 250