I don't understand the instructions on "let's get some practice with Not"


It's not the math that's holding me up, it's the phrasing of the exercise


I'd like to understand how to precede a number with "not". It just doesn't make any grammatical sense to me.

Take bool_two: equal to the result of "not 3**4 < 4**3." That would work out to something like "!81<64" which doesn't make any sense to me or the interpreter window.

What am I missing?


not simple reverse the condition:

not True == False

would be true, since not true is false. ! is used in many languages to indicate not, but python uses a keyword. so:

not 81 < 64

81 < 64 would be false, but since you know use not, the condition changed to: if 81 not smaller then 64 (which is true), so bool_two would be true


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