I dont understand the cd command



it wont accept the cd command

Replace this line with your code.


What cd command did you try?
What was the response?

A screenshot often helps in these cases.


thanks but
1. how do i take a screenshot on a windows desktop computer and
2. i typed in this:
$jekyll new __________
and then it said that it was incorrect so i tried jekyll serve cd and all
those other types of things but it still wouldn't work.
thank you very much replying because i am really stumped on that step.


If you are on Win 7, 8 or 10, use the built-in Snipping Tool.


so i tried this:


Your ls command shows you that you now have two different subdirectories in your daw directory. The one that the exercise is expecting is called personal-website.

To change to there, you do this:

cd personal-website


thanks. i tried, but it wouldn't work. is there maybe something i'm doing


What happened exactly?


Keep in mind that you're navigating a file system, same as if you opened a graphical file explorer. The same operations (and more) are available to you.

So consider what the instructions are asking you to make happen, and then consider what operations you need to do to accomplish that. Most likely that will be some combination of finding out the current path, listing sub-directories of current location, moving to parent directory or moving to a sub-directory. Pay attention to what bash says when you do something wrong because that says what is wrong.


thank you sooo much for helping me!!!!!


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