I don't understand question 5 of the comand lines topic

cd … goes up one directory so if you were in the test1/test2 directory and did the cd … command it would take you to test1/

not sure if this is what you wanted but it is a bit hard to know what you want…

Thank you but no it doesn’t really help
In the unit I’m learning about changing directory ‘cd’
I’m at 44% of Learning Commands

It’s asking me to change the directory but I don’t know what it wants me to change the directory to

You start in the /home/ccuser/workspace/blog (you can see this by running: pwd), then it wants you to go into 2015 directory, then in jan/memory/, and then on directory up (back to jan directory), so if you now would run pwd, it would show:


these instructions are crucial:
Print the working directory again to see the new location. You need to use pwd command here which you learned in the previous exercise

Thank you but sorry I am still confused.
What do I write exactly

if you are stuck in step 3 simple write:

cd ..

note space between cd and …, in the assumption you are in the /home/ccuser/workspace/blog/2015/jan/memory directory

Thank you!!!
What kind of whitchcraft is this??!!

Witchcraft? what do you mean?

Well I just had to write cd … instead of some complicated thing
Don’t worry about it. I just say “what kind of whitchcraft is this” a lot

is the next button lighted up and if it isn’t scroll down and there should be instructions if not you will have to give me a picture of your whole browser…

wht to do in task 6

If you have a question, please make your own topic, provide us with details of what you have done etcetera.

ok thnx for guideing me :smile: