I dont understand my mistake


so i just started the computer sciences path and im stuck on a lvl for about a good 30 mins and i dont understand what im doing wrong because when i go on solution basiucally the same thing is written there! I would really appreciate the help. 2018-11-17|690x375



Codecademy often doesn’t test what they say they test. This is arguably a bug in the exercise.
My guess is that it doesn’t let you pass because the output is wrong. Compare your output to the instructions.


yea i did and it is the exact same thing, ive been stuck on it for a whole day. What i did is i pressed solution, erased everything and rewrote everything like i would have normally and it told me it was good. so it doesnt make sense


It could be because you aren’t capitalizing some of the words and the system is recognizing it as a different character.


It’s not though. You’re doing the wrong kind of comparison. You’re looking at it saying “looks about right” but that’s not how computers compare, they look at every single character and it has to be the same.


ohh okk thank you very much. i think i understand now


yeah it was that sort of mistake. thank you very much


Glad I could help! Good luck with the rest of the course!


Hi All,
I need help! I am currently writing code for the Roll the dice game, I have come to the end of the project and every time I go to run the program it keeps saying;

(Line 21) NameError: name ‘first_roll’ is not defined

The thing is I have defined it, I defined first_roll on line 7 of my code, I really don’t understand what I have done wrong, I have been attempting to resolve this issue for the past 30 mins now and I am still struggling, can anyone assist me or inform me of my mistake? I would really appreciate the help.

Thank you!!


Well, did line 7 run at all and did it define that variable somewhere that line 21 sees?

Try making a simpler version of your code that only contains those two things and then when you have less to look at maybe it’s clear what’s going on.


I tested the code after I finished writing line 13 and it worked and showed the correct message…