I don't understand my error on #5


public class Precedence {
public static void main(String[] args) {

	boolean riddle = ( !(1 < 8) && (5 > 2 || 3 < 5));



It is supposed to print out false, and it does, but it asks me "Did you use each boolean operator no more than one time?" Can someone correct my error and explain why my original code was incorrect?



You have two <'s, try again

Edit: nope, that's not it.


What browser do you use @packattackvar?


The submission tests of most tracks other than JavaScript are not affected by browsers - the code is sent off to a server and run there (too complicated to run all these languages in the browser, Java, Python, Ruby require interpreters for example.. browsers are already JS interpreters though)


Can you please tell me your browser sir? I litterarly copied your code and passed the task. Thankyou im just trying to help.


Have you already completed it? The submission tests don't run once you've done that :<


Attempt #35 at nailing what's up here:

You've put your exclamation mark to the right of the first parenthesis. I think the /**/ was on the left side:

boolean riddle = /**/( 1 < 8 /**/ (5 > 2 /**/ 3 < 5));


Also. I just discovered that we can reset exercises with the "Get Help" button in the lower right corner. It does lock the following exercises though which isn't so great when testing code from other users.

I'm bug reporting this. Very confusing/misleading error message.


I use chrome. Do you use something different?


No i dont. Wow... This is really confusing.


Yes! My code was right but I put the boolean operators in different spots than what the exercise wanted me to. Thanks!