I don't understand it when we do the link for the cities


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More details so we can help you out.


I have that problem too. I did everything as it is written and it doesn't work. Sorry for my bad english, I don't speak very well.


Im having trouble linking cites in


I can help you guys a bit.
Here is an example:

<a href="http://google.com"> Clicking here will redirect you to Google!</a>

  • . The <a> is an anchor tag. This <a> defines a hyperlink (put simply a hyperlink is a link, when clicked it takes you to another website or even to another web page inside of your current website).

  • . In order to link the user to an area inside or outside your website you must give your anchor tag a href attribute, href stands for hyperlink reference. Think of those two words seperately. Hyperlink, is a link. Reference is "the action of mentioning", basically we're mentioning where the webpage will take the person clicking on the link. For example: <a href="http://google.com>

  • . <a href="http://google.com"> Clicking here will redirect you to Google!</a>
    In between the opening anchor tag (<a href="...">) and closing anchor tag (</a>) You have naming of the link that takes you to another area on the webpage.

  • This means the name f the link is: Clicking here will redirect you to Google!

  • If we had <a href="http://google.com"> Hi! </a>
  • That would name our link "Hi!"

Hope you can use this to understand.


Solution posted. Hope it helps.


yes, I understand what you said,but it still doesn't work. I did everything and when I press RUN there's no link.


You have 3 columns in the image. Shrink the center column a bit that will give you a bit of real estate for you to see what's cut out on the right side column.

Also that </p> </h3> </h1> you can remove since they're not linked with any opening tags.


I don't understand what that means, teacher123.
I'm having trouble linking cites in


You don't understand what part ?

Paste in your code please


Ok. It works.Thank you


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