I don't understand how to do this project

I’ve went through the needed to know part of js to start this project but I don’t know how to implement it. Can anyone help me? I thought I knew quite a bit about js but I guess not.

It would help if you posted a link to said project, and specifically talked about your problem.

It’s the credit card checker project. I don’t understand how to sort through the array and do everything else it says to do.

Welcome to the forums @christianname2000638!

Try to conceptualize what how you would sort in real life, and then try to see what tools apply. You can share your code here (remember to format with the </> button before pasting).

Remember that for-loops and indexing are tools that can help you in this. And never hesitate to print out steps midway just to see how your code is behaving.

Personally I like to tackle my big problems with small sketches. In a sorting example, I’ll maybe take a list of 3-6 items just to see I can manage that well with whatever algorithm I’m trying. Writing out the steps on paper in plain english goes a long way.

Thank you! I will definitely be coming back and asking more questions once I start.