I dont understand how to do booleans


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You must set the variables (variable is a programming term: It means a word, that has a value. In this case it is a number.) equal to numbers that are told in the instructions. As an example:

If your variable is equal to 10, you just add an equality sign, that points to the value of the variable.

my_variable = 10

Did you got it? We just set my_variable equal to 10. Now you can do whatever you want with my_variable.

my_variable = 10
print my_variable

Now we just print my_variable.

#the output will be 10.

If you got it, now you have to give values to three different variables. As first, we got my_int and we have to set it equal to 7. Follow my examples (Ok, you don't have to print it out in this case) and do the second one, too.

But at the third variable there is a different thing:
You must set the variable equal to True. (Yep, the first letter is uppercase) Just do exactly the same thing, but now you aren't setting your variable equal to a number.

If you have any other questions or you didn't understood everything, just reply.


thank you I got it. I'm new at this so i am getting the hang of this.


Everybody has to start from somewhere, good luck with python!


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