I don't understand how a string work


I don’t understand why the loop should end when “j” reach the same value of myName.length +1. Precisely I’m missing why the +1.

I also don’t understand why j have to start at the same value of i.

for(var j = i; j < (myName.length + i); j++) {

Thank you in advance.



Hi @xantrac,

Let’s say, your name is ‘xantrac’

var myName = 'xantrac';

var text = 'Random string with xantrac in it';

The first loop, we need loop through the whole string in text to find ‘xantrac’, particularly any word that starts with ‘x’

Then comes the part, which is what you’re asking:

for(var j = i; j < (myName.length + i); j++) {

This second loop is to loop through myName, which is the whole ‘xantrac’ word.
Take note ‘xantrac’ has 7 characters in it.

So these two loops work like this:

First loop, i = 0, loop through the whole string in var text

 text      : Random string with xantrac in it
 text[i] =   01234..............19 

at position 19, which is text[i] = text[19], i = 19, we found the letter 'x'

Then comes the second loop:

Second loop,j = i, i = 19, mean j = 19, loop through var myName.length (7 characters)

 myName    : xantrac
 text[j] =  19.....25

at position 25, text[j] = text[25], j = 25, we finish looping the name length equivalent to 'xantrac' 

So by dissecting this part:

j < (myName.length + i)

myName.length = 7
What about i ? i equals to 19 (when you first found ‘x’ at position 19)

That makes:

j < (7+ 19)
j < 26
j++ will stop after position-25 because the < sign, 25 is < than 26.


Why j needs to begin with the number of i:

  • Because it needs to start at position-i, so:

You’d to push text[19], text[20], text[21]… till text[25].

Why myName.length + i:

  • Because if you write myName.length without the +i, the second loop will not run since j < 7 when j = 19, j starts at 19.

Hope this clears your doubt. Cheers :slight_smile:


Thank you @codexthon !
Your explanation is extremely clear, to be honest I would never get to that solution by my self.


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