I dont understand git at all

could someone just try to explain how git works… its not at all like javascript or html. btw im stuck at git add 2

This website does a pretty good job of explaining the common commands: http://rogerdudler.github.io/git-guide/

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@sgt_3dboss that’s a really good question.

You’re correct. Git is not at all like JavaScript or HTML. Git’s purpose is to help you manage code projects that use programming languages (such as JavaScript and HTML). What you’re learning with Git is not a programming language, but a command-line application. (Learn more about the command line here)

To say more, code projects can get huge and complex, and Git allows you to:

  1. keep track of changes made to a project over time
  2. explore different directions or new features for a code project, then merge those changes back into the “master” version of the project.
  3. Probably the most important, Git allows you to seamlessly work with multiple collaborators on a single code project

I hope this helps! Thanks for reaching out!


thanks for your help…
do you know something what could help me? something like a book or youtubeclip

i dont understand this question
can i have some help with it please?

  1. In the terminal, initialize a new Git project.

Notice the output:
Initalized an empty git repository in /home/ccuser/workspace/sorcerers-code/.git/

The Git project was created. Click Next to continue.

You have to call all the code from the beginning step by step as like:

git init git status
$ git add scene-1.txt

it works fine with me.

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