I don't understand classes


I am currently struggling with classes in python. i just can’t get a get the concept, i need help ASAP!!


There are literally a dozen website,guides and resources where you can read upon classes to better understand it.

Writing this guides is time consuming, so i recommend to find existing guides, and then ask specific questions here, to get the best of both world

the shortest explanation is:

Classes provide a means of bundling data and functionality together.

I know classing seems overwhelming at first, it will get better :slight_smile:


there are millions of resources out there, do you have anyone in mind.


Keep practising, that first and formost

the official python doc is good:


but a bit boring to read.

i would just google: python classes

see which you find pleasant to read


so so boring to read lol!,
just completed the file I/O.
what next from there?


build stuff. Build something, build a project, learn more, build more, improve :slight_smile:

Yep, programming includes boring stuff


i appreciate!


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