I don't think I can't do computer programming Help

I don’t think I can’t do computer programming because is just too hard for me, I guess the problem is that I can’t understand how to do it I can’t really understand the instruction nor I don’t know the meaning of each instruction there giving to me, so I don’t think I can’t do computer programming I feel that I want to quit but I don’t want to. Can somebody give me some advice, on how to get a better understanding of the instruction of computer programming.


First things first…Listen - Everyone feels this way. It’s normal. Few people breeze through any subject without difficulty.
Do you enjoy programming?
If the answer is yes, stick with it. Take some pressure off of yourself and just have fun. Experiment with things, read some articles, build something silly.
If the answer is No, why do you feel compelled to learn this subject, there are many out there, find yours.

The point is you will get better with time. Only if you give it a little time everyday though.
Sticking through things in difficult times builds character and will serve you well throughout life.

What exactly are you struggling with or to grasp?