I don't no what i have done wrong and what i have to do?


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HTML Basics 3 (8 Naming your table)

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It keeps on saying this no matter what i do or change to the code "
Oops, try again. Did you add a colspan attribute to the

tag of the first row?"

The question is:

Naming your table
Our table is missing a title. We want to add a title row that goes all the way across the top.

To do so, we need to use the colspan attribute for the

tag. By default, table cells take up 1 column. If we want a table cell to take up the space of 3 columns instead of 1, we can set the colspan attribute to 3.

It looks like this:

3 columns across! Instructions Go to the Result view. We've added the title row for you, but it only spans 1 column right now. Make the column span 2 columns with the colspan attribute. Adding the attribute colspan="2" to a tag should do the trick. Return to the Result view again. Our title spans 2 columns now!

Can someone please tell me what i have done wrong and what i have to do?

Replace this line with your code. 
        <title>Table Time</title>
        <table border="1px">
                    <t colspan="2">>Famous Monsters by Birth Year</th>
                    <th>Famous Monster</th>
                    <th>Birth Year</th>
                    <td>King Kong</td>
                    <td>Bride of Frankenstein</td>


Your opening tag uses t when it should be th.

You are missing
<!DOCTYPE html>
at the start of your code.

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