I don't know why i cant do this



# Define your method below!
def method 
    puts greeting


# Define your method above this line.

greeting # Ignore this for now. We'll explain
         # it in the next exercise!


Hi! What seems to be the problem?
It's crucial to explain what's happening and what you want to happen instead, so that others know what to look for!

It's also great to explain your thoughts/what information you're missing to solve it yourself, if that can be answered instead of figuring it out for you, that's ten times better!

Another thing that helps is to mark the code part of your post as code so that forum formatting rules are not applied to it, potentially making the code invalid or different from what you really have.


The name of the method is "greeting", not "method", so you should be putting

def greeting
  puts "Whatever you want to say as a greeting."