I dont know whats wrong


//Remember to set your condition outside the loop!
var count = 0

var loop = function(count){
console.log( "I'm looping!")

loop(count < 3);


Well here:
loop(count < 3);
you pass a value to the function that gets assigned to the parameter count. Now what is this value?

count < 3

So as you set count to be 0, 0 < 3 therefore the value assigned to count inside the function (which is not the same one outside the function, check shadowing and the function exercise if needed) is `true`. Now as a side effect `true` has a numerical value of 1 (false is 0) so count++ increases this value by 1. And if you google a bit you'll find that all numbers except 0 are treated as true when used in a condition so you're while loop is essentially an infinite loop.
So really take the take and review how functions and loops work before you go on.

PS: Also outside the loop could still mean inside the function.


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