I dont know what's wrong (Logical Operators)


var user = prompt("What have you been doing since the last time we met?").toLowerCase();

    case 'on another adventure':
        var far = prompt("Is it far away?").toLowerCase();
        var close = prompt("Is it near by?").toLowerCase();
        if( far === 'yes' || close === 'yes') {
        console.log("You've been busier than ever.");
            console.log("Well what have you been doing this whole time?!");
    case 'with family':
        var  helping = prompt("have you been helping out?").toLowerCase();
        var  parents = prompt("how about your Parents?").toLowerCase();
    if( helping === 'yes' && parents === 'yes');{
        console.log("Well family is important.");
        console.log("Well I'll let you be off.");
    case 'busy':
    var veryBusy = prompt("have you been very busy?").toLowerCase();
    var busy = prompt("or just 'busy'?").toLowerCase();
    if(veryBusy === 'yes' || busy === 'yes');{
        console.log("I wonder doing what");
    console.log("Well thats specific.");


Just remove semicolon from this two line :

if(veryBusy === 'yes' || busy === 'yes');{}
if( helping === 'yes' && parents === 'yes');{}


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