I don't know what my code does?

I am really new here and I hope someone can help me…
I don’t understand how … this code:

def delete_starting_evens(lst):
while len(lst) > 0 and lst[0]%2==0:
lst = lst[1:]
return lst

#Uncomment the lines below when your function is done
print(delete_starting_evens([4, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15]))
print(delete_starting_evens([4, 8, 10]))

returns this:
[11, 12, 15]

Code is instructions for the computer to carry out.
Do you know what each instruction there does?
If not, then look at only the one you don’t know, eliminate the rest, figure out that operation, then come back to the rest.
Or if you do know each thing… follow what it says.
Don’t forget that you can modify it to see how it changes, print things out and so on.