I don't know what i did wrong?


var userChoice = prompt("Do you choose rock, paper or scissor?")
var computerChoice = Math.random()
if (computerChoice <=0.33) {
else if (computerChoice <=0.66) {
else {


for else if it specifically says greater than 0.3 and less than 0.66. Not like your code:

This is the right implementation of that code using AND Statement:

else if(computerChoice>0.3 && computerchoice<0.6){


I change it like u said but it says "did you make your range end at 0.66 "


pardon you have to set them equal to too.

else if ((computerChoice>=0.34) & (computerChoice<=0.66)) {


it still said "Did you change a computerChoice between 0.67 and 1 to 'scissor'?"


Its suppose to be scissors . That was the last step :smile: VOILA!


Thx dude really appreciate it