I don't know if this is for me

I have a problem. I know a little bit java, know html and css. Now i started a Python course in Codeacademy. Everything was great untill i made to “Practice makes perfect” on unit 8. I ended a 1/3 of exercises and now… i’m stuck. I cant solve the tasks. Is this really hard? Should i start course from beginning? Or it is not for me? :frowning:

The tasks there should be pretty trivial to do manually. You can study how you solve them, your program should be doing the same things.

That is a question only you can answer. We cannot know what drives you. Are you curious? Do you want to know answers? Are you driven enough to get those answers?

You have to answer these questions. If you wait to be beckoned the ship may have already sailed. This is your chance to decide. Put your shoulder behind the wheel if you choose to go forward.