I don't know how to write in 12/15


Replace this line with your code.


For this lesson you are adding a line break to your paragraph about the Brown Bear. To create a line break you must use
in your paragraph. The instructions tell you to add this line break after the word populations in the third paragraph of the page. Insert
after populations and you should be good to go.


but I don't know what to write .can you tell me


Yeah oops sorry. The line break thing work in my answer and I didn't realize it! haha

You need to use this below:

<br  />

You should have been able to gather this from the instructions though since it tells you what you need to write.


I already add it.but I can't go to next I don't know why?


Well let see your code then. Post your code in between the dashes so we can see just your code and not what it has been coded to show and we can take a look at it. It may be that you are on a bug and we have to fix that.


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