I don't know how to type the "or" sign (vertical bars)



I have some stupid but serious problem : I don’t know how to type the 2 vertical bars for “or”. I precise that I don’t have an english keyboard (my keyboard is french).

I have tried to open the mac window with every symbol in it, but there are a lot of vertical bars with different sizes in it, and when I try them it does not work.

I can’t find how to copy / paste anything in the code, which would solve my problem.

Thanks for the help !


Try Shift ⇧ + cmd ⌘ + L

–> ||


worked with alt (instead of cmd) but worked anyway !!

thank you so much !!


And that’s precisely what I meant to write! Thanks for pointing it out.
That will teach me not to look at the keyboard hah.

In case anyone else needs it, on Mac:

Shift ⇧ + Alt ⌥ + L


The correct answer for this question is :

  • find the | character on your keyboard
  • check on internet your keyboard version to find the correct keys combination.

Otherwise, my french windaube keyboard tell you it’s : AltGr + 6.


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