I don't have an error, I have a simple problem

print "Welcome! Please enter your answers below."

print "Enter your age."
your_age= gets.chomp
print "Enter your name."
your_name = gets.chomp
print "Where do you come from? [OPTIONAL]"
your_place= gets.chomp
puts "Alright! Answer recall. You're #{}"

I look like a noob. But, I don’t know how to “recall” other people’s answers if they even do answer this questionnaire. I need to make a simple program and I also need help with my simple program.

Your variables are what you would recall. Your answers would be set to the variables “your_age”, “your_name”, and “your_place”.

I know that, I don’t know how to put it into a #{}.

Well technically that’s completely up to you, there is nothing you HAVE to put in it specifically, so just put anything you feel like, you can even just smash the keyboard if it makes you feel better.

Hope this helps,


I don’t want to smash my computer keyboard, but thank you…

Actually, I kinda do.

I’m going to get banned