I don't get the point


I've been learning to code in php , but I don't really get the point... I know how advanced arrays and stuff work, but how am I going to use this, how can I add some graphics to my web app and how can I build webapp - like content. Where can I learn this ? Where can I find a compiler and stuff like that ...

thanks for your help ^_^

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Have a read through
to get idear of what you are asking.....

google search
== the Book ==
jquery [your question] site:developer.mozilla.org
CSS [your question] site:developer.mozilla.org
javascript [your question] site:developer.mozilla.org
[your question] site:jquery.com
[your question] site:getbootstrap.com

== discussions / opinions ==
jquery [your question] site:stackoverflow.com
CSS [your question] site:stackoverflow.com
javascript [your question] site:stackoverflow.com

== guidance ==
[your question] site:crockford.com
- - http://javascript.crockford.com/code.html << Javascript coding convention
- - http://javascript.crockford.com/survey.html